Exclusive Representation  -  This means C and his boutique firm allocates all of their extensive resources to one client at a time, YOU.  He knows the intricacies of the M & A process and the attention to details that are required to stay on point.  In addition, auctioning platforms attract many financial and strategic competitors from around the world. C puts his expertise and skills into positioning YOU - his exclusive client - into the most competitive position possible as to be a top acquiring candidate for "off market" targets.  

     C Lanclos is a true Cajun from Opelousas, Louisiana.  In the 1980's, he moved to New York City to get his degree from the nation's first "free public institution of higher education," Baruch College.  Named after statesman and financier Bernard M. Baruch.  While in New York, C was able to  hone his skills in sourcing acquisition targets and negotiating deals under one of THE most influential power brokers in the world, Mr. Larry Lovett.  C participated and worked behind the scenes in bringing billions of dollars of national and international "off-market" deals to fruition.     


Criteria & Industries

    Sales:   Up to $300M

    EBITDA:   $3M and above

       Size:   $10M - 400M

Location:   United States

Lanclos Mergers & Acquisitions



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Sex trafficking is modern day slavery that exists as a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry both Internationally and in the United States denying globally over 40.3 million people freedom. And, some of those people right here in New Orleans. Why? Because New Orleans is home to the infamous Bourbon Street, festivals every day of the year, sporting events, and conventions all year long. 

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C Lanclos - Principal/Broker
Greater New Orleans Area, LA
Licensed in Louisiana


C Lanclos

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